Chris Sharrock

Chris Sharrock (born 1964, Bebington, Wirral, England) is a British drummer. Currently a member of Oasis, Sharrock has a long history of being an official member of many noted British bands, including The Icicle Works, The La's, World Party and The Lightning Seeds.


Sharrock's recording career began as a member of The Icicle Works from 1980 to 1988, playing on the band's first four albums. He then left the band and briefly joined The La's, drumming on their hit single "There She Goes". He left The La's shortly thereafter, and drummed on The Wild Swans second album in 1990.

He subsequently joined World Party as an official member in the mid 1990s, followed by a stint in The Lightning Seeds. He also played drums on Del Amitri's 1995 album, but was not an official member of that band. By 2000, Sharrock was the drummer in Robbie Williams' band, a position he held for the next 8 years.

Sharrock joined Oasis in 2008 after previous drummer Zak Starkey left the group. Chris did not play on the band's new album, Dig Out Your Soul, but will play on the tour and all new albums and singles. Noel Gallagher said in an interview for MOJO, regarding the appointment of Oasis' new drummer, "Liam is still not happy about Chris Sharrock, because he's Robbie Williams' drummer. I went home and thought about it and it was just too much of a temptation to piss Robbie Williams and Liam off in one phone call." Sharrock made his live debut with Oasis on 14 August 2008, in front of 150 Oasis fan club members.

On the appointment Sharrock as Oasis' new drummer, Noel suggested that he "shouldn't get too comfortable", joking that they (Oasis) were “trying to break Spinal Tap’s record” for the number of drummers. This in reference to the grisly ends met by Spinal Tap's long list of drummers.

Drum Set Up

Chris is currently using a Premier Series kit, specially made for the latest Oasis tour.

It includes (All in Chrome finish):

24" x 14" Maple Shell Bass Drum, 14" x 10" Rack Tom, 16" x 16" Floor Tom, 18" x 16" Floor Tom, and 14" x 5.5" Steel Shell Parallel Action Snare Drum.