Dont Go Away

Don't Go Away" is a song by British rock group Oasis from their third album, Be Here Now (1997), written by the band's lead guitarist Noel Gallagher. The song was released as a single only in Japan.

The song, according to Noel, is about losing someone close and it was written when his mother, Peggy, was hospitalised and suspected of having cancer. His mother did not have cancer, but the experience gave Noel the idea to write something "quite bleak." It has also been claimed that rhythm guitarist Bonehead requested Noel write a song along those lines after the death of his own mother. The line "Cold and Frosty Morning" appears to have been lifted from the Kinks' "Dead End Street".

Liam Gallagher claims to have cried whilst recording the song, as a result of dwelling on "a certain thing". He said, in a 1997 interview, "I just thought 'fuck that, I can't be singing this song' and I had to go away and sort myself out". Listening back to the song he admits to being very proud of his vocal performance.


In a 1997 interview promoting Be Here Now, Noel Gallagher had the following to say about the song: "It's a very sad song about not wanting to lose someone you're close to. The middle eight I made up on the spot -- I never had that lyric until the day we recorded it: 'Me and you, what's going on?/ All we seem to know is how to show/ The feelings that are wrong.' It's after a row. Quite bleak."

"We put Burt Bacharach horns on because he was the master of break-up songs. I did all the string arrangements. I tried to keep them as simple as possible. I like the way Marc Bolan used them on Children Of The Revolution. People do remember string parts as separate hooklines, you know. You just don't want to use them slushily."


The cover of the single features the old Liverpool Speke Airport building. The airport is famous as the scene thousands of hysterical fans greeting The Beatles on their return to Liverpool at the height of Beatlemania. Derelict at the time, it has now been turned into an exclusive hotel managed by Marriott.


The live version of "Cigarettes & Alcohol" was recorded 14 December 1997 at the G-MEX Exhibition Centre in Oasis' home town of Manchester.

"Sad Song" originally appeared as a bonus track on the vinyl release of the first Oasis album, Definitely Maybe. It also appeared on the Japanese CD edition of Definitely Maybe.

The 'Warchild' version of "Fade Away" is from the 'HELP' album recorded in September 1995.

Track listing

"Don't Go Away"
"Cigarettes & Alcohol" (Live from GMEX, Manchester, December 14, 1997)
"Sad Song"
"Fade Away" [Warchild version]

Catalogue No: ESCA-6948

OASIS - Dont Go Away