Falling Down

"Falling Down" is a song by English rock band Oasis, featured on their 2008 seventh studio album Dig Out Your Soul. Written and sung by lead guitarist Noel Gallagher, it was released as the third single from the album on 9 March 2009, with the digital release occurring a day earlier.

The song debuted at 10 in the UK Singles Chart with first week sales of 21,448, but the song only achieved a chart position of number 37 in the UK download chart in the same week, most likely due to its leak on iTunes prior to the album or first single's release.

"Falling Down" posted a subtle improvement from its predecessor, "I'm Outta Time" on the UK Singles Chart, reaching #10 in its chart entry week. "Falling Down" is the only Oasis single, other than Sunday Morning Call, on which all songs are sung by Noel rather than Liam.

The intro of the song shares a similarity with The Doors' "The Crystal Ship".[3] The heavily compressed drum-rhythm and sense of disillusioned psychedelia bear a strong resemblance the Beatles song "Tomorrow Never Knows", being cited as Noel's finest effort so far to emulate the atmosphere of that song.

An excerpt of the b-side song "Those Swollen Hand Blues" appears at the end of "Mucky Fingers", second track of Oasis' 2005 album Don't Believe the Truth.

The lyric: "Catch the wheel that breaks the butterfly" references the quotation: "Who breaks a butterfly upon a wheel?" from Alexander Pope's Epistle to Dr Arbuthnot.

Alternate versions

Various alternative versions of the song have been produced: remixes by Marilyn Manson bassist Twiggy Ramirez and producer Dave Sardy – the "It's the Gibb" remix – and electronic band The Prodigy will be featured on the CD single and the second digital bundle;[1] the A Monstrous Psychedelic Bubble remix, by Amorphous Androgynous, will be released on the 12" vinyl and second digital bundle versions;[1] and The Chemical Brothers remix previously featured as the B-side to "The Shock of the Lightning".[4] In his tour blog, "Tales from the Middle of Nowhere", Gallagher described the 22-minute A Monstrous Psychedelic Bubble remix as "A staggering piece of music. Monumental even."

Music video

The video depicts a woman who is supposed to be part of the Royal Family who enjoys parties, one night stands and drugs. When she meets the band in the video, the members refuse to shake her hand because of the way she hides her party lifestyle. When the 'Princess' offers her hand to Noel Gallagher he is seen to say "Nah" and turns away in disdain. Prince Charles appears at the conclusion of the video.

Track listing
All songs written by Noel Gallagher.

CD single
"Falling Down" (album version) – 4:27
"Those Swollen Hand Blues" – 3:20
"Falling Down" (The Gibb Mix) – 5:12
"Falling Down" (The Prodigy version) – 4:32

7" vinyl
"Falling Down" (album version) – 4:27
"Those Swollen Hand Blues"

12" vinyl
"Falling Down" (Amorphous Androgynous A Monstrous Psychedelic Bubble remix) - 22:27
Digital bundle 1

"Falling Down" (album version) – 4:27
"Those Swollen Hand Blues"
"Falling Down" (demo)

Digital bundle 2
"Falling Down" (The Gibb Mix)
"Falling Down" (The Prodigy version)
"Falling Down" (Amorphous Androgynous A Monstrous Psychedelic Bubble remix) - 22:27

Oasis falling down