Microdot Memorabilia

Microdot was established in 1989 by Brian Cannon after completing a BA (Hons) Degree in graphic design.

The aim from the very beginning was to work specifically in the music industry, creating memorable and iconic record sleeve imagery.

In the ultra competitive music related graphic design world, Brian steadily made inroads, establishing contacts and perfecting his craft. After two years, which saw critical acclaim from the media, Brian met and began working with Verve, going on to create all the bands artwork and promotional visuals throughout the nineties.

Still considered by many today to be Microdot’s best work, the early Verve record packaging did not go unnoticed by a young Mancunian in the process of setting up his own band. The aspiring guitarist was Noel Gallagher who approached Brian in 1992 to become his bands art director (when they got signed!).

The team expanded and the main Microdot faces were, Matthew Sankey, Martin Catherall, Steve Allen, Paul Bailey, Jonathan Platt and Dave Halliwell.

With a client list boasting Verve and Oasis, Microdot went from strength to strength, commissions came from Suede, Cast, The Super Furry Animals and Ash to name a few.

2009 sees the 20th anniversary of the birth of Microdot and Brian is currently looking for interesting new bands with which to work.

An offshoot, Microdot Memorabilia, currently deals in collectible and rare items associated mainly with Oasis and The Verve.

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Items In The Gallery

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Item 1: Oasis 1994 USA Tour Itinerary

Document of the bands aborted 1994 US tour, after a bust up between Liam and Noel after the LA Whiskey A Go Go gig nine gigs were cancelled.

Incredible to think the band effectively split up mid tour with Noel disapperaring for a week.

46 A5 pages in length with card back and clear acetate cover, spiral bound.

Each show day has details of the venue, capacity, load in, soundcheck, doors, support, on stage time and curfew, along with promoter and technical details.

Page Info

01 - Complete list of all shows (including the nine cancelled)
02 - Tour personnel list.
03 - Management, label, agent and travel agent details
04 - Bus company, backline hire and immigration details.
05 - 20th Sept - band fly from Tokyo to Seattle via San Francisco, flight and hotel details.
06 - 21st Sept - Day off in Seattle.
07 - 22nd Sept - Day off in Seattle.
08 - 23rd Sept - Gig, Moe's East Pike Street.
09 - 24th Sept - Travel, Seattle - Portland, gig Satyricon, NW 6th Street. Overnight travel to San Francisco.
10 - 25th Sept - Hotel details in San Francisco.
11 - 26th Sept - Gig, Bottom Of The Hill, 17th Street.
12 - 27th Sept - Travel, San Francisco - Sacramento, gig, Melarky's, Broadway, travel after gig Sacramento - Los Angeles.
13 - 28th Sept - Los Angeles Hyatt Hotel details.
14 - 29th Sept - Gig, Whiskey A Go Go, Sunset Boulevard.
15 - 30th Sept - Travel Los Angeles - San Diego, Gig (cancelled) The Casbah, Kettner Boulevard. )The band in fact remained in LA, swapping hotels to The Mondrian - Noel had dissappeared, to be found in San Francisco days later.

The gigs from now on until the 14th of October were all cancelled but are obviously all included in this itinerary, they were, Mesa, Salt Lake City, Denver, Dallas, Austin, University City, Lawrence, Springfield - before resuming the scheduled dates in Minneapolis.

29 - 14th October - Gig, Minneapolis, Uptown Bar, Hennepin Avenue. Travel overnight to Chicago.
30 - 15th October - Gig, Chicago, Metro, North Clarke Street, travel after show to Detroit
31 - 16th October - Gig, St Andrew's Hall.
32 - 17th October - Travel Detroit - Cleveland Heights, Holiday Inn, Cleveland.
33 - 18th October - Gig, Grog Shop, Coventry Road. Travel aftershow, Cleveland - Toronto.
34 - 19th October - Gig, Lee's Place, Bloor Street West. Travel aftershow, Toronto - Boston.
35 - 20th October - Day off in Boston, Days Inn Hotel.
36 - 21st October - Gig, Local 186, Harvard Avenue.
37 - 22nd October - Travel, Boston - Providence, gig, Met Cafe, Union Street. Aftershow travel, Providence - Philadelphia.
38 - 23rd October - Gig, JC Dobbs, South Street. Aftershow travel, Philadelphia - Hampton.
39 - 24th October - Day off in Hampton, Days Inn Hotel.
40 - 25th October - Gig, N - Sect Club, North Armistead Avenue
41 - 26th October - Travel, Hampton - Washington DC, gig, 9.30 club. Aftershow travel, Washington DC - New York.
42 - 27th October - Day off in New York, Hotel Macklowe.
43 - 28th October - Travel, New York - Hoboken, gig, Maxwell's, Washington Street. Return to New York after show.
44 - 29th October - Gig, New York, Wetlands, Hudson Street.
45 - 30th October - Day off in New York.
46 - 31st October - Virgin Atlantic flight 10 JFK - London Heathrow.

Item 2: Be Here Now Cassette Printers Proof

From the personal collection of Oasis designer, Brian Cannon.

Comes complete with certificate of authenticity.

1997 original obtained from the printing factory during a visit with Noel Gallagher to approve the proofs before full production run

Item 3: Be Here Now Rejected Artwork

This version of the proposed artwork for the Be Here Now album has never seen the light of day since it's creation in 1997.

Only one copy of this remarkable composition was made and is not for sale.

Noel had the idea that each band member would chose a location, any where in the world and would be flown there and photographed. The four images would then be merged together with Liam to be superimposed across the centre of all four.

This mock up represents the Microdot studio's initial visualisation of how this might work. On presentation to Noel he was surprised potentially how well the sleeve could work and was in fact only expecting a pencil sketch.

The sleeve was rejected purely on a logistical basis, there simply was not enough time in the band's schedule to organise four foreign location shoots and the idea was shelved.

This image has never been published and this limited edition of 100 prints represents the only opportunity to own this visually stunning piece of unseen Oasis memorabilia.

Item 4: Definitely Maybe Logo Print

In Brian's own handwriting several attempts at the logo can be seen and in fact the finished article is a composite of 4 different sections, the'D', 'efinitely' the 'M' and 'aybe'.

Scanned professionaly from the original 1994 artwork, masking tape can be seen adjoining the two sheets that make up this piece, the finished article clearly visible across the top. This piece was then turned into film for exposure of printing plates by the reprographics house.

Never before seen anywhere, a unique insight into the creation of one of the most recognisable symbols of late 20th Century music.

Lettering across bottom, featuring both the Oasis and Microdot logo's reads;
'Oasis, Definitely Maybe, Creation Records CRE LP 169. Design and Art Direction by Brian Cannon for Microdot'

Item 5: Don't Look Back In Anger Detail Shot UNSEEN!

From the negatives original 10 inches by 8 inches photograph, NOT an inkjet print.

Taken by art director Brian Cannon and signed discretely to the bottom right.

Comes complete with certificate of authenticity.

Detail shot of Noels amps with his Gibson Les Paul and Gibson Firebird guitars.

See in detail the never before seen aspects of this shoot, for example the picture of John Lennon on Noel's Marshall amp, the banknote with Noel's head on the same amp and the blue dye on the white carnations

Item 6: OASIS D'You Know What I Mean, OUT TAKE

Liam would always get into the spirit of things on the sleeve shoots. On this occasion he even brought his own camera to document proceedings, he can be clearly seen taking a step back from the shoot to photograph it himself.

Shot off Darlington Street, Wigan in 1997.

Photographed by Brian Cannon this unseen shot gives a unique insight into the making of an Oasis sleeve.

Item 7: Morning Glory Location Test Shot 1995

Several locations were tested before the Berwick Street shot now familiar to all Oasis fans was chosen.

All the locations tested had the dramatic perspective seen on the finished album sleeve.

This particular scene was shot in Charlotte Street, Shoreditch, London EC2A.

Item 8: The Masterplan 'Detention' Shot

Naughty schoolboy Terry O'Neill can be seen banished to face the wall in the corner of the classroom.

'Teacher' Adam Redmond, sitting at the head of the class.

Kieron 'Ronnie' Flynn fires a missile at the teacher.

The famed 'Lennon Desk' is clearly visible

Item 9: Roll With It - UNSEEN OUT TAKE

Taken by Oasis art director Brian Cannon, this image has never been published.

Shot on Weston Super Mare beach in 1995, in front of the recently destroyed pier.

Item 10: Walrus 12 " Promo, T Shirt

The 12" one sided promo, I Am The Walrus, is perhaps the rarest and most sought after piece of Oasis vinyl - selling for up to £300.

For collectors who's budget does not stretch that far, this limited edition (to the same number as the record) t shirt is an ideal opportunity to own a part of Oasis history.

Item 11: Acquiesce Promo, T Shirt

For collectors who's budget does not stretch that far, this limited edition (to the same number as the record) t shirt is an ideal opportunity to own a part of Oasis history.

Item 12: 'Three Albums Poster'

1997 Original obtained from Creation Records at time of manufacture.

Mint Unhung condition.

Depicts Be Here Now inner collage, and the three album sleeves for Definitely Maybe, Morning Glory and Be Here Now

Dimensions = 20 x 30 inches.

Item 13: Definitely Maybe Line Up Promo Photographic Print

This is an original photographic print NOT an ink jet reproduction.

Item 14: Pass

Item 15: Badges

Item 16: Oasis Knebworth 1996 Car / Window Sticker

Printed on Clear plastic, these car stickers have become collectable, simply because of how few were made.

1996 original, NOT a reprint.

Dimensions = 21 x 10cm, 8 inches x 4 inches.

Brand new, the protective backing still remains in place, never been removed.

Item 17: Picture

Item 18: Official Magazine


A4, 52 pages in length

From the personal collection of Oasis sleeve designer Brian Cannon

Comes complete with certificate of authenticity signed by Brian.

Contents (all totally exclusive to this magazine, published nowhere else) include:

1. Owen Morris version of recording Morning Glory.
2. A copy of the first ever Oasis photo shoot (Bonehead still has hair! it's worth £1.99 just to see these shots! there are two further pages of this session).
3. Smiths guitar legend Johnny Marr talks about the Oasis phenomenon.
4. Richard Ashcroft wrote a poem for the mag describing the madness of the times
5. Jill Furmanovsky exclusive live photos of the gig in Cork, Ireland.
6. Paolo Hewitt's account of the bands second trip to Glastonbury (accompanied by unseen shots by Michael Spencer Jones)
7. Brian Cannon's behind the scenes insight into the making of the Roll With It artwork.
8. Noel, with Burt Bacharach at the Royal Festival Hall
9. Letters from the fans.

Item 19: ??????

Each item comes complete with a COA signed by Brian Cannon.