The Masterplan

Track listing

01: "Aquiesce"
02: "Underneath The Sky"
03: "Talk Tonight"
04: "Going Nowhere"
05: "Fade Away"
06: "The Swamp Song"
07: "I Am the Walrus(Live)"
08: "Listen Up"
09: "Rockin' Chair"
10: "Half The World Away"
11: "(Its Good) To Be Free"
12: "Stay Young"
13: "Headshrinker"
14: "The Masterplan"

Release Date: 3 November 1998.

Highest Chart Position: Number 2 in the UK.

Written By: Noel Gallagher (Except track 7 by Lennon/McCartney and track 9 by N. Gallagher/C. Griffiths).

Produced By: Owen Morris and Noel Gallagher (except track 7 Additional Production and Mix by Owen Morris).

The Band: Liam Gallagher - Vocals, Noel Gallagher - Lead Guitar, Vocals, Paul Arthurs - Rhythm Guitar, Paul McGuigan - The Bass Player, Alan White - Drums and Percussion.

Recorded At:Rockfield Studios The Congress House Studio Masion Rouge Sawmills, Cornwall The Soundcheck, Scotland Air Studios Loco Studios, South Wales

The Masterplan is a compilation album by English rock band Oasis, comprising B-sides which never made it onto an album. The album was originally intended for release only in areas such as the United States and Japan, where the tracks were only available on expensive European import singles. It was first released in late 1998. The Masterplan reached #2 in the UK where it went platinum, and #51 in the United States. However, it did gain top spot in various charts around the world, going on to sell 2 million copies. Four songs from the album appear on compilation album Stop the Clocks.


The versions of "Listen Up" and "I Am the Walrus" are edits of their original releases on the "Cigarettes & Alcohol" single. "Listen Up" has 8 bars removed during the guitar solo (4:3–4:39). "I Am the Walrus", with a fade-out, finishes at 6:25, whereas the original runs fully to a natural conclusion at 8:14.

"I Am the Walrus" was given its correct recording location and date on the sleevenotes. On its original release on the "Cigarettes & Alcohol" single, the location listed was the Glasgow Cathouse, in June 1994. However, in promotional interviews for The Masterplan, Noel revealed that it was actually recorded at the soundcheck for a gig at a Sony Music seminar at Gleneagles, Scotland, in February 1994. He said the credit was changed because he thought "recorded at a Sony seminar" would "look shit".

Chris Griffiths (of The Real People) was given a co-writing credit for "Rockin' Chair". On its original release on the "Roll with It" single in 1995, Noel Gallagher was credited as the sole songwriter.

"Acquiesce" was released as a radio single in the United States, and a promotional video was created for this purpose. It consisted of a live performance of the song from Manchester's G-MEX, recorded on 14 December 1997, with various behind-the-scenes footage of the band on tour. For the video, both Liam's and Noel's vocal tracks were overdubbed over the originals recorded live in Manchester.

All of the B-sides from the "Cigarettes & Alcohol" and the UK version of "Some Might Say" singles appear on this album.

OASIS - The Masterplan